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Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

The purpose of this thread is simple (and I apologize if this has been covered before): the DS9 relaunch novels feature several original characters never seen on screen. Who would you like to see portray these characters on screen? Don't feel confined by the way the characters appear on novel covers, though. Being able to play the aprt is just as important as looking the part.

Is Sean Connery really the best choice for Vaughn? Who's androgynous, yet masculine, enough to play Shar? Who's got the acting chops to whine and angst as Prynn?

(before anyone feels the need to point this out, I realize that these characters will never appear on screen, and certainly won't be played by anyone listed here. This is really just a way of discussing what people think of the characters themselves, but in relation to a hypothetical on-screen performance.)
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