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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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This bit
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which means to an extent it has been a box office disappointment.
and this bit
STiD is still a huge success
Are completely incompatible.
but it was not as successful as the studios intended.
You mean "hoped". They're still gonna make a big profit and there will be a third movie. What more could a fan want? EVERY movie wishes it could pull Dark Knight/Avengers numbers. That doesn't mean every movie that doesn't is a disappointment. There is quite a leap between making a profit and taking over the world.
STiD was much more of a huge fan service to TOS trek fans thereby alienating new fans...The box office is proof of that.
You mean the *massive* overseas gains over the last movie? Alienating new fans?

the massive overseas gain was expected as the film was promoted well overseas and mots people saw STiD overseas due to BC's popularity and it been the sequel to another Hollywood action film.

the domestic box office is were the real problem is and it fell a little short.

My gosh why is that so hard to admit, I don't like getting into arguments with people that choose to be in self denial especially when the truth is right in front of them.

EW and Box Office Mojo are simply doing their jobs when they give an in depth analysis of a movie earnings at the box office.

there is nothing funny about it.

If you look at EW list you would notice that sequels like fast and furious 6 and iron man 3 both made the list. STiD did not in other words the film earnings was a bit disappointing.

Also, something can be great and still be a slight disappointment.

STiD is far far from a flop, it did good at the box office but not GREAT. Taking into consideration the 3D prices.

If STiD did not have 3D, the movie would have finished somewhere between 180m-190m in USA. That is a disappointment when you take into account ST 09 257M earnings (without 3D)

Also again, may I add that the majority of trek fans are from USA, Trek never really had a huge following overseas ...expect maybe for the United Kingdom.

there is a reason why most Trek films did not even have any box office overseas record until now.

Lastly for people saying STiD had huge competition from iron man 3, the hang over and F&f 6. I would say this.

In may 2007. Spiderman 3, Shrek 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean :At Worlds End, all came out in the month of May and yet their box office earnings were close. All 3 films did a little above 300m in USA and all 3 films earned more than 700m dollars each world wide.

there is really not enough excuses for trek, yes there was competition but part of this film box office little failure was the fact that the film lacked originality and it was much more of a fan service.

people saw STiD once and ran back to watch WOK on their DVD's.

people saw ST09 over and over again because it was new, bold and original and had nothing to compare too.

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