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Re: 7 Things That Must Be In MAN OF STEEL 2

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I somehow suspect they won't stray to far away from what the mainstream audiance knows about the Superman Universe. Ask the average person on the street what they know about the Superman Universe (aside from the Man of Steel himself)and you'll get

Daily Planet
Lex Luthor
Lois Lane
I know that and you know that, but the problem is, guys like the author want to see more than can be crammed into a two-hour movie, and so they want to see everything but the kitchen sink. I wish that they would stick to watching Superman Returns until their eyes fall out of their sockets, but something tells me they wouldn't have anything to write and bitch about.

What really gets me (again) is that many people disappointed in the last movie wanted to see things like Superman fighting a giant spider, or Mothra (a quote of Kevin Smith in an interview about what he though Superman Returns was lacking.) Now that Snyder's given us the exact thing they wanted (action all of the time), people are still disappointed and pissed off. What gives?

For myself, IF I were in charge of the next movie (and I think that Snyder did a great job with this one and it should be left as he and Nolan have written and directed it for the next one) I'd bring in Luthor and maybe Metallo, with Luthor being the boss and Metallo being the muscle that Luthor's secretly using to get rid of Superman because he hates him and wants him gone. But as I said, the movies are in the hands of Snyder & Nolan, and so things will have to be left to what they will come up with.
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