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Re: Why is Data so likeable?

Sadara wrote: View Post
Oh, time for an unpopular Star Trek opinion. I'm actually one of the very few fans that finds Data trying. I don't dislike him, but he's not even close to making my top 20 list of favorite Star Trek characters.

I guess for me, he's an interesting character, but I would find it difficult to have patience with him and his endless questions and such. He's also unintentionally funny which I guess for me isn't as humorous as say, Damar and Worf who are sarcastic and mean to be so.

Data's okay, but I don't get the obsession with him.
You have a kindred spirit here. I tolerate Data in small doses. I don't like him, and I don't get why Spiner the actor is considered so wonderful.

JiNX-01 wrote: View Post
He's not a jerk.
He doesn't judge.
He strives to improve himself.
He has a cat. I have a cat.
He has a cat that apparently had a sex change, and Data doesn't consider his cat sentient. No real cat lover thinks that.
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