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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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guys please read this article from Entertainment Weekly, one of the most trusted entertainment sites ever

trek did not make the list. which means to an extent it has been a box office disappointment.
No, what it means (and the only thing it means) is that Star Trek Into Darkness wasn't given a spot on a 15-slot list which the list's own writer acknowledges is highly subjective and "totally-up-for-debate".
EW article wrote:
We’re officially halfway through 2013, and if you’re an obsessive box office junkie like me, that means it’s time to reflect back on the past six months at the movies and give credit to some of the best box office performances so far this year.

By “best,” I don’t simply mean “highest grossing” — you can find that list here – I mean most impressive. Since each movie has its own budget, its own marketing costs, and its own distribution challenges, each movie also has its own standard for success. I like to judge films on their own rubrics — so I have!

This year, there were a lot of close calls. Films like Oz The Great and Powerful and This is the End were this close to making the list (A Good Day to Die Hard and Jack the Giant Slayer, meanwhile, were not), but not everything could make the cut. Thus, here is my totally-up-for-debate list of the 15 Most Impressive Box Office Performances of 2013 so far. (Shown in order of highest-to-lowest grossing)
[Aside: I hadn't read anything at EW for a while, but it seems they're now in direct competition with the Huffington Post in the "let's see how much unnecessary pop-up clutter we can jam onto each page" sweepstakes. I used to find their online presentation pretty easy-to-read, but now - holy crap, what an annoying mess of a "trusted entertainment website" they've become.]

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Laugh all you want. However what they said is the solid truth.

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it is left for the wise to humble themselves and listen instead of making a joke out of the truth that remains unchangeable.

Before Trek came out. another trusted entertainment site box office mojo said if STiD doesn't earn up to 250m in USA it would be a disappointment. Sadly, STiD has not done that.

Are you going to laugh at box office mojo as well?

oh well....
Of course, you've neglected to provide a link to where BoxOfficeMojo is supposed to have said this, but if you follow the link in the EW excerpt above, you'll see that BOM shows Iron Man 3 with a clear lead, Man of Steel next, and then F&F6, Oz, and STID all grouped pretty close together in the 3-4-5 spots, and not that far from the $250-mil domestic milepost. I wouldn't be surprised to see two of the three reach that before their runs end.
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