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Re: Can you ban your likenss from used as hologram?

Image search engines will at some point be that good that they can recognizes faces with high certainty. So you will be able to put up a photograph of your face and search for all images on the web that contain your face.

Everything will be in the "cloud" at that point as well, so you WILL be able to search for everything.

And everyone else will be able to do the same.

Data security and privacy protection will have to be reassessed completely at that point.

So there might be a system where you can upload your own likeness and thus prevent anyone from using photographs of you without your permission.

Think of it as a modified image tagging that Facebook already has. Right now Facebook recognizes faces, and when someone tags you, you are asked if you agree with that. A preemptive version of it would be that Facebook automatically recognizes YOUR face and with the correct privacy settings the image will not be shown to the public unless you agree with it.
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