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Re: Virtual Tour : USS Enterprise (1701-D) Deck 1-4 (WIP)

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And Andrew Probert might still have a few things that could be of help. And unless I'm mistaken favors Ed Whitefire's approach.

Of course I would appreciate Probert's, input on the matter. I've read a lot of interviews, ... Though their participation in this thread is rather doubtful.

little Upadate. I've worked a bit on the ceiling.

Because I came to the conlusion that I started to fake proportions...
Okay,... first of all, yes, I'm a fan of Ed Whitefire's plans,... the original Enterprise-D Deck plans, but was not all that happy that he violated the Hull outline, as originally Designed. Still, his background in Structural Engineering is evident throughout.

Second: Remember that the overheads (ceilings) in all the bridge alcoves are made with that white plastic waffle grating (to mimic what was used on the TOS Enterprise),... they just didn't light it right until one of the TNG movies came along.

"Fake proportions"? Don't you have studio blueprints? I have a couple of simple versions that might help (if I can find them).

And, you're right, I rarely stick my nose in unless it's to complement a good effort or help clear up some misinformation... and that's usually only when someone gives me a heads'-up, since I'm so busy most of the time.

Again, this is coming along VERY nicely, Lee.

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