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Re: Why No Romulan Ships?

I remember them only firing at random ships but never destroying anything.
Which, oddly enough, was what basically all ships in the Alpha Quadrant forces ever did.

Only the two Defiants, the Klingon Birds of Prey and just possibly some Galaxy class ships were shown actually destroying enemy vessels. The latter did it by the old, cheap method of covering their targets in fireballs, after which the camera turned away and we never learned if the fireball did any real harm to the target. (Several episodes featuring attacks against DS9 proved that giant fireballs caused no harm to the station, and were in fact a sign of "shields holding"...)

This is a rather odd VFX directing decision. I understand it is hugely expensive to show a dramatic loss such as those of the Majestic and the Sitak, so such might be sparsely used, and mostly on hero ships that the audience would care about. But fireball-style cheap deaths (now you see it, now you don't) of enemy vessels could have been prominently shown being scored by ships other than the Defiant or the Rotarran, yet it's virtually impossible to point out such kills in the battle scenes. It's only the heroes dying, not the villains.

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