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Re: Star trek final frontier directors cut finished

What about TWOK? It gave Kirk a never-before-mentioned adult son, along with the lost love who was his mother (although lost loves/old flames out of nowhere were a standard TV trope that TOS used multiple times). It also gave Spock a longtime protegee, Saavik, whom we'd never heard of before. And in the Director's Cut, it gave Scotty a nephew. TWOK probably sets some kind of record for the number of relationships-out-of-nowhere it introduced.

And McCoy's daughter wasn't mentioned onscreen until the animated series. "The Way to Eden" would've been the story that introduced her, but it was rewritten heavily and she became Chekov's old girlfriend instead.

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Besides, people would probably accuse it of ripping off the Galaxy Quest rock monster. And yes, I know that rock monster was a reference to the one that was supposed to be in ST V, but others wouldn't know that.
That should never be a reason against restoring a scene. It's not Star Trek V's fault that ten years later someone else took that idea and remade it.
That's kind of like reviewers that knocked DUNE for ripping off SW visuals when it was the novel DUNE's own iconography that SW referenced.

I imagine when CHILDHOOD'S END gets done folks will be saying 'visual ripoff of V and INDEPENDENCE DAY' when the ships hover above the world's cities too.
Naturally I'm not endorsing such a reaction. I'm just wryly observing that it would inevitably occur, and I'd be happy not to have to sit through the barrage of stupidity. Essentially, I'm saying that for me, personally, adding a rock monster and new CGI to TFF would not materially improve my enjoyment of the film.

I mean, come on, it's a freakin' rock monster. What a stupid, cheesy, lazy climax to a story about the search for something transcendent. Okay, "God" does turn out to be just some malevolent entity out for blood, but not actually seeing the entity helps it retain an air of rarefied mystery. Having it turn into a homunculus made of rocks at the end was a laughable idea, a tacked-on bit of action that had nothing to do with the story and that would've brought down even more deserved ridicule upon the film if it had been left in.

What TFF needs to be better is not stuff being added, but stuff being removed. Cut out the impossibly high turboshaft. Cut out the nonsensical "center of the galaxy" references -- go straight from Sybok mentioning the Great Barrier to Kirk saying no ship has ever entered the Barrier. Cut out Scotty knocking himself out and that uncomfortable flirtation with Uhura. Maybe cut out or modify the insanely stupid moment where a photon torpedo -- which is supposed to be an antimatter warhead far more powerful than any nuclear bomb -- goes off not 20 yards behind the heroes and they're just knocked down rather than instantly vaporized. (Maybe cut out Sulu's "Torpedo armed" line and redo the FX so it's a phaser beam instead.)
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