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Re: I got a PhD defense date!

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I finally have a defense date set for my PhD and it is only two months away! Yay!

I think in many countries people have already handed in their thesis months before its actual defense but this is not the case here. So, I have two months to:
  1. Finish and submit a journal I am working on.
  2. Finish coding a software demo I am working on.
  3. Fly off to Italy to present a paper and the above demo.
  4. Actually write my thesis.
  5. Prepare my defense presentation.
  6. Prepare all the required paperwork concerning the defense.


I am kind of bored with the paper and the demo; the paper because it is not new and exciting work but extensions of previous work and the demo because I have some implementation issues with PrimeFaces that bug me. However, I am really looking forward to shape all my papers together in a single text and to actually present the whole thing.

And I am really, really, looking forward to doing nothing after work for at least two ot three months (i.e., until I get bored of sitting and start something new).
Great stuff!

Yeah, it varies a lot from place to place - in the UK, you hand it and then it really depends how long it takes to get your external and internal experts together - generally at least three months.

Are you in a country where you have a public defence?

I'm also curious how long your thesis is? Since you plan to write it in less than 2 months? I guess it is a technical one?
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