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Re: Can you ban your likenss from used as hologram?

...And since we know that Starfleet does not have a regulation that would allow Riker to feed Barclay's "Cyrano de Bergerac" simulation back to the lieutenant through an inappropriate orifice, we can probably rest assured that UFP civilian law has nothing to offer to Riker in this respect, either.

Quark is a daring criminal whenever this benefits him, so his doings tell us relatively little about the law, any law (although they may tell quite a bit about Ferengi customs and mores). Sisko probably has a lot of pull on what Quark can and cannot do even if neither UFP nor Bajoran law quite supports him, but he has very little motivation to interfere in Quark's businesses usually. In turn, Odo is highly motivated, and wouldn't concern himself with either UFP, Bajoran or Ferengi law in cases that really mattered. The Kira-imaging thing obviously did matter to him, so we can't really tell what the point of the law would have been there.

Timo Saloniemi
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