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Re: TOS Caption Contest #275: I, Caption

TFTW, LeadHead!

Kirk: "Is the magnifier working correctly, Mr. Sulu? Can you see your control buttons clearly now?"
Sulu: "Yes, sir! Working fine, sir!"
Uhura: "Why don't you just wear eyeglasses, you vain twit?"

Kirk: "Well, everybody seem very jovial! What did I miss?"
Scotty: "Several highly derogatory jokes at your expense, sir!"

Chekov: "I love des low-gravity planets! Dis is a m*****f***** on Earth!"

Spock: "This is a highly-renowned Vulcan seduction technique."
Alice #210 (unimpressed): "I am a machine."
Spock: "That's what it works best on."

Kirk: "I've seen this before. Probably, Lieutenant Uhura's velour uniform has shrunk a bit too much."
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