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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

blssdwlf wrote: View Post
The same could be said for the Klingons in TOS as well. A single Klingon Battlecruiser wasn't a match for the Enterprise as well.
Of course it was a match. They just lost.

Between 1949-1969:
"The United States cut off trade and orchestrated an international embargo of China."
I seem to recall that embargo was ignored by just about everyone, including -- ironically -- the United States.

Tomalak wrote: View Post
Yeah I was going to say that failing to recognise the Peoples' Republic for decades, ringing them with nukes and SEATO, and the restriction of trade was pretty aggressive on the USA's part.
Aggression which AFAIK China never reciprocated. Which, again, is more than could be said for Cuba, which was ALSO a proxy of the Soviet bloc but unlike China was actually used as a strategic platform to threaten the United States militarily. Overall, the point would be that the Klingons seemed to have used the Romulans as a base from which to launch attacks against the Federation, first by using the Romulans as a proxy (providing them with Klingon warships and weapons technology) and later -- after the Romulans undoubtedly proved less than cooperative -- by launching those attacks themselves.
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