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Re: Terra Nova morality question

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I can't understand why people hate Terra Nova. I thought it was interesting and touching. I liked seeing a failed colony years later and why.
I remember that a lot of the dislike towards Terra Nova came from it being too similiar to the Voyager episode Friendship One.
I guess the general themes are similar. I just remember Friendship One mostly for Carey's sudden and pointless death. But Enterprise did this quite often, revisting the franchises earlier episodes. In Oasis and and Doctor's orders as Christopher said. But Judgement also ripped of ST6 rather blatantly. 2 Day, 2 Nights is kinda like Captain's Holiday. And also E2 is one of the fan favorite episodes and is essentially a rip off of DS9's Children of Time. It's a mark against the episode, but doesn't necessarily disqualify it by itself.
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