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Re: Intrepid Updates

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BAF also suffers the cardinal sin of making that scene longer than any televised love scene on Trek, and gives us characters we just met and expects us to give a damn. That's a mistake straight, gay, or ambisexual porkchop fetishist.
I think Maurice puts it pretty well here. I still believe it was a simple case of trying too hard to present the relationship as a non-issue (which it is). It just doesn't quite work out as intended.
Maurice and I have discussed this many times, and I've stated my opinion before in this forum. My main beef with the relationship is that the script tries too hard to make a non-issue of it that it's treated with kid gloves. Peter and Freeman's romance has none of the complexity of any relationship, none of the good and none of the bad. It's just there and it's too perfect in places. There's no complication of the emotions. It's too superficial and comes across as if it were written for the 1990s version of "Melrose Place."

I applaud the effort and hope PHASE II writes another LGBT relationship, but treat it as a real relationship. Doing that instead of holding it delicately as if it would break would be far more progressive saying that no matter if you're gay, bi, transexual, straight or have polkadots instead of genitals, relationships are hard, they work and they don't at the same time.
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