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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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If only that star map was like any of the system maps that showed the orbital paths. Where do you know that Romii is Romulus' moon?
We never ever hear of Romii again, so who the hell knows?
Since you don't know, Romii could just as well be a star system on that star map. The lack of orbital lines as seen in other star system maps in TOS would point to a map of stars, not planets and moons, IMO.

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For one thing, they were never equals for the entire run of TOS.
The same could be said for the Klingons in TOS as well. A single Klingon Battlecruiser wasn't a match for the Enterprise as well.

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Far from Cuba in your analogy, they are China.
Except that unlike Cuba, China never actually posed a threat to the United States.

Also, there is not and has never been an embargo against China;
Between 1949-1969:
"The United States cut off trade and orchestrated an international embargo of China."
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