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Re: DC Comics questions

Jsplinis wrote: View Post
I've also gotten the impression that Michael's My Brother' Keeper trilogy may not be consistent with Howard's Star Crossed and PAD's Star Fleet Academy (DC Annual 2). If so, in what ways are they inconsistent?
My Brother's Keeper and "Star Crossed" have a different sequence of assignments for Kirk between the Academy and the Enterprise.

"Starfleet Academy" and My Brother's Keeper have different first meetings for Kirk and Mitchell.

Jsplinis wrote: View Post
Also, I understand that Michael's Faces of Fire deals with backstory for Carol and David. Does this put it at odds with Howard's Star Crossed? Is so, how?
I don't believe they're inconsistent with one another, as I don't recall any flashbacks in Faces of Fire.

Jsplinis wrote: View Post
How about Double, Double or Legacy? Do they contradict any other DC Comics vol.2 stories, PAD novels or Mackie novels?
I didn't know Howard Mackie had written Star Trek novels.

I kid, I kid...

Seriously, though, I can't think of anything off-hand about Double, Double and Legacy that's contradicted by the comics. I'd say that Legacy is broadly consistent with Annual #4, the Pike annual, but it's been a long time since I've read either.
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