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Re: Can you ban your likenss from used as hologram?

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If someone does not want their likeness in the holodeck. Let's say i am a famous hot chick and i want to keep my body and all it's versions to myself, can he/she stop it from being used?
It might be possible if you had your likeness trademarked, but as others have suggested, the ban might only be limited to profiting from the likeness. If someone wants to use your likeness for recreational purposes, it's hard to know how you'd stop them from doing so. Even if you found a way to protect your image from being duplicated, who's to say an accomplished holographer or computer scientist doesn't create a close approximation of you?

Odo indicted that Quark could have been arrested for using Kira's image to create a hologram of her, but he was clearly trying to profit from the endeavor by selling the program to a business associate.

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