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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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^^^It's not just a hobby. Most people want money for consumption of some form, which includes experiences like travel. But other people want money as capital. That is wanting power for its own sake. Yes, it should be obvious that someone could see this as intrinsically wrong. You might disagree but to not even get the point?
How is it any dfferent than trying to improve your status which something lots of people in the Federation do.

exactly-when you come right down to it, money is simply a means to get something else. It's no more "wrong" or comparable to things like slavery than trying to earn a promotion in Starfleet would be.

Imagine if Lily had mocked Picard in FC with "ah, so no money, but I see you still have hierarchy and rank. Why not just work to better yourself and serve the greater good, and not worry about whether you're the captain or an ensign?"
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