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DC Comics questions

Hi guys,

As a fan of DC Comics' Star Trek comics, I am interested in the further works of the three main writers: Peter David, Howard Weinstein and Michael Jan Friedman.

I have been reading about Friedman's novels in various threads and on the web. My concern is how do they coincide with PAD's and Howard's stories.

I've read that Michael's Shadows on the Sun and Howard's Better Man are pretty consistent.

I've also gotten the impression that Michael's My Brother' Keeper trilogy may not be consistent with Howard's Star Crossed and PAD's Star Fleet Academy (DC Annual 2). If so, in what ways are they inconsistent?

Also, I understand that Michael's Faces of Fire deals with backstory for Carol and David. Does this put it at odds with Howard's Star Crossed? Is so, how?

And lastly. How about Double, Double or Legacy? Do they contradict any other DC Comics vol.2 stories, PAD novels or Mackie novels?

Thanks for all the help,
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