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Re: Star trek final frontier directors cut finished

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So, they're going to talk to CBS. After they did all the work. And if CBS says no, then what?
CBS could also take it and run with it without having to pay any of them for the work they did.

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Besides, people would probably accuse it of ripping off the Galaxy Quest rock monster. And yes, I know that rock monster was a reference to the one that was supposed to be in ST V, but others wouldn't know that.
That should never be a reason against restoring a scene. It's not Star Trek V's fault that ten years later someone else took that idea and remade it.
That's kind of like reviewers that knocked DUNE for ripping off SW visuals when it was the novel DUNE's own iconography that SW referenced.

I imagine when CHILDHOOD'S END gets done folks will be saying 'visual ripoff of V and INDEPENDENCE DAY' when the ships hover above the world's cities too.
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