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Re: F1 2013 Championship

Good to hear the cameraman is okay! I felt sick when I saw that incident, knowing what has happened in the past when people have been struck by bouncing tyres. He's quite lucky, as it could have quite easily smashed his spine up if it had hit him at a different angle, and a blow to the chest or the neck/head would have been catastrophic.

Anyway yeah, Grosjean really didn't do Kimi any favours at all. If he had got past a couple of laps earlier, that could have made the difference. Nico holding Lewis up didn't do too much harm in the end anyway, in terms of podium prospects, as the Mercs destroyed their tyres anyway even in clean air.

To be fair to Vettel, as much as I can't stand the guy, he drove a faultless race, and it is his first home GP win. Hopefully he'll DNF a couple of times in the next few races to even out the WDC, though.

Also, Marussia need to invest in handbrakes.
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