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Re: Star trek final frontier directors cut finished

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I never said Sybok wasn't full Vulcan. I said he was Spock's Half-Brother.
Maybe that's what you meant to say, but what you actually wrote -- this is a direct copy-and-paste from your post -- was "an emotional 1/2 Vulcan brother." I can't read your mind, only your words.

I thought the idea of Spock suddenly having another family member out of blue was bad writing.
It was contrived, sure, but I feel Luckinbill was effective enough and sympathetic enough that he sold it. Maybe a different actor wouldn't have, but he did, at least for me.

And the whole "emotional" thing didn't work for me either. In fact there was nothing Vulcan about Sybok at all. Not that I am saying every Vulcan has to be like Spock but there was nothing that made Sybok seem anything but a zealot of a human, not Vulcan.
People seem to forget that Vulcan logic is learned, not inborn. Intrinsically, Vulcans are even more emotional than humans, which is why they need to control themselves so totally. And it makes sense that some Vulcans would reject that cultural standard of logic. After all, the society only adopted it less than 2000 years ago. For most of Vulcan history, they were all freely, wildly emotional. The Romulans -- who are still members of the Vulcan species by genetics, just a different cultural branch thereof -- are all freely emotional too.

Besides, Sybok evidently had a form of telepathy, given how he could hypnotize people into following him and give them illusory visions of "their pain." Telepathy is much more a Vulcan trait than a human one.

And Sybok's rogue philosophy helps explain why Sarek disowned Spock for going into Starfleet, why they went 18 years without speaking as father and son. Maybe Sarek was afraid that Spock was following the same path that Sybok had and would bring similar shame to the family.
It might explain it but it doesn't mean this was the "best explanation" or the only explanation possible.
I never said it was either of those things. I just meant that it can work reasonably well as an explanation. I grant that it was kind of melodramatic (though no worse than some of the melodrama TOS threw us), but it was reconcilable with what we knew before.
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