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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

It's weird. For all the complaints about the pace of the last two books, some characters have fairly tight storylines. More happens, in terms of character development and plot progression, in five chapters of Arya and three chapters each of Bran and Sansa, than in twelve of Tyrion, thirteen of Jon, ten of Daenerys. Sometimes you can see the justification for the bloat. The Jon and Dany chapters (and Cersei in Feast), even though there still may be too many, are about emphasizing how complicated medieval leadership is, the many factors a monarch or a Lord Commander has to deal with. It needs to be big, so you can see why it might become too big. And the Brienne chapters, which I know a lot of people despise, are about continuing to show how war (and now peace) have affected the common people, and about Brienne's ongoing education in the cruelty of her world. (That will make no sense on TV, of course, since TV Brienne is already hard-edged, another stock Strong Female Character rather than Sansa with a sword.) But Tyrion... even allowing that he needs to be kicked around a bit more to build up the viciousness he's going to display when he gets back to Westeros, that doesn't take twelve chapters.
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