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The X-Files: for want of a modern cellphone...

I'm presently revisiting The X-Files and am into early second season. I got an urge for some of this show not having seen it in awhile and just kept watching one after another. Those early seasoms really were good.

In some ways the show is already anachronistic in the depiction of some of the science or at least what was known at the time. Scully's assertions that nothing could live in extreme temperatures of a volcano or frigid arctic cold now fly in the face of what's been discovered since of life being able to exist in all kinds of extreme conditions.

The computers shown on the show now look quaint compared to today. But what really strikes me is how Mulder and Scully's life and work might have been made a lot easier if they had had modern cellphones. For one thing they could have had immediate photographic evidence of whatever they encountered and could dispatch that evidence anywhere in seconds. The similar convenience of contemporary email and texting and Internet access would have been appreciated. They had early cellphones in the series, but in the '90s they were little better than a car phone or handheld two-way radio.

I still love the show for its stories, it's characters and its overall atmosphere. I just couldn't help but wonder how their lives might have been made easier if some of their tech had been more like today's.
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