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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

Brendan Moody wrote: View Post
the show's utter lack of interest in women who don't fit the feisty "Strong Female Character" mold.
Not true! They made Sansa token dumb blonde . She's been rid of all character development! Hopefully they do her Eyrie plot right.

So, I'm re-reading A Dance With Dragons for the first time since launch week. I've powered through A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords and A Feast For Crows over the past month and a half or so, I lent A Game of Thrones to a friend around 2 years ago and didn't get it back so will probably end up finishing my marathon with it.

A Feast For Crows benefits HUGELY from a re-read. I was frustrated at the time because of the lack of plot progression, especially in early Brienne chapters. Now that I knew what I was in for going in, I really, really loved almost the whole book.The moody, melancholic atmosphere was beautiful. Jaime's confrontation with the Blackfish was a classic ASOIAF moment, as was Doran's final line.

I'm finding A Dance With Dragons to be problematic. I'm REALLY enjoying the Theon, Bran and Davos chapters. Theon's chapters in particular are incredible, and up there with the best of GRRM's writing.

Tyrion's chapters are kinda a chore though. On first read through I didn't mind the Tyrion chapters as much because I assumed it was leading us to a meeting between him and Dany. Since I know this plot just kinda.. fizzles out it's frustrating a lot of the time and slows down the book. The chapters are well written (Though I'm so fucking tired of "Wherever whores go...") and I like the idea of having this long journey to calm Tyrion down after all the rage he'd built up but I don't think it quite worked. There's too many of these chapters and they kill the pacing of the book so far, though I'm only nearing the end of Part 1 (I'm a Brit!).
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