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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Okay. Now I'm tweaking.

Uncanny X-Men.


Stephen Strange is not the same sort of letch as Tony Stark, Stark is entitled and believes the universe owes him sex because he's awesome. Stephen on the other hand is always on Mushrooms or something altogether the same but better than mushrooms, so he doesn't understand why everyone in the universe is not knocking boots, including but not primarily himself. 3/4s of his supposedly documented adventures have just been acid flashbacks in the back of a K-mart parking lot where he's starring off with raccoons for expired pastries in the garbage skips.

Strange is the professor who sleeps with the hot co-ed.

Stark is the boss who bends his secretary over his desk.

(Neither is good. It's an obvious abuse of power.)

The same but different.


Stephen's new Apprentice.

Golly, golly.

How old is Illyanna supposed to be anyway?
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