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Re: Your favorite TITAN novel....

I voted for Orion's Hounds, since it was the first "real" Titan novel, the first that really took the concept and ran with it and made it an integral part of the story. And of course so well written to boot. My only minor niggle was that the Proplidian might have pushed my suspension of disbelief a titchy bit too far, but other than that excellent.

Taking Wing - A solid start with great characters and great set-up. Just a shame that the story is completely unconnected to the Titan concept, although I realize that was dictated by Nemesis.

The Red King - Slightly weaker than TW, and even less connected to the central concept, but still solid enough.

Orion's Hounds - See above.

Sword of Damocles - An interesting story, but too twisty-turny for my taste, even though that seems to be the appeal for others. Also this is when the editing problems started to creep in.

Destiny - The Titan parts of this were actually my favourite, and I like the way it made time to explore and conclude several character arcs from the other books even while the apocalypse is going on.

Over a Torrent Sea - A lovely quiet piece in which to recover, with a delightful exploration of a truly new alien culture.

Synthesis - Another great example of the series' actual concept. I feel like I remember the characterisations being slightly off, but I can't remember why, so maybe I'm talking bollocks there.

Seize the Fire - I actually really enjoyed the exploration of Gorn culture, that was well done. But the writing was clumsy, dialogue unconvincing, and editing poor.

Fallen Gods - Started well, but then the same problems as previous crept in, and the Andorian "twist" was absolutely groan-worthy. And I hate (underline hate) that he effectively killed off White-Blue. Had MAM continued writing the series, I probably wouldn't have continued reading.

The Poison Chalice - Cannot wait. Possible redemption for the entire series. No pressure there, James.

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