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Comicbook creator of 'Attack On Titan' gets 1,000 death threats

trouble with comics in Asia?
Attack on Titan is one of this year's biggest anime. Originally a manga, Attack on Titan've Also its creator Hajime Isayama turned into a celebrity. And a target of Death Threats-a frightening number of them.

Last Friday, a commenter on Isayama's official blog wrote, "On June 29, I'm going to beat Hajime Isayama to death with a blunt instrument!'m Totally going to kill him!"

"I will not get caught," the comment continued, "because the Japanese police are incompetent!" The Threats were copied and pasted Repeatedly in the same comment.

Also Other Threats were copied and pasted in mindboggling numbers (apparently, over a thousand times) Attack on Titan THROUGHOUT the creator's blog. One Asked Which was better: Isayama Beating to death or burning down his house. Another read, "Go to hell! Dirty Isayama! Die! You idiot!" Etc, etc..

Japanese Yokoku site was quick to point out the Threats That did not seem like They were written by a native Japanese speaker and Appeared to use translation software. Some of the words were incorrect or just plain wrong. Even if you can not read Japanese, you can see here how the same Threats Appear reposted over and over again.

As Mentioned Previously, one of the Threats used the term "Japanese police", que makes it seem like the comment was written by a foreigner. And it's possible single one wrote all the Threats.

Online, there's speculation That the reason for the Death Threats Is that Dot Attack on Titan character was modeled after Yoshifuru Pixis Akiyama, a General in the Imperial Japanese Army.

Courtesy of Twitter user Paul Guo, this is how Yoshifuru Akiyama compares to Dot Pixis' manga and anime versions.

Back in 2010, Isayama admitted that Dot Pixis was based on the military leader. That revelation caused a flurry of recent comments on Isayama's 2010 post. Those comments were made last month. Most are in English, but there are also Korean and English comments protesting Akiyama as well as defending him.

The controversy appears to be opening old wounds between Japan and other Asian nations, especially South Korea, where Attack on Titan has a hardcore following. That being said, it's important to note that it is unconfirmed where the threats are from, who is making them, and why they are making them.
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