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Re: Rugby Union 2013 Thread

Well, after all the hype and buildup that was quite a disappointment, wasn't it?

Bigger issues in offline life just now mean I'm less downcast about it than I'd otherwise be, but what a letdown for all concerned that we saved our poorest performance in quite some time for (arguably) the biggest game in this country in a decade. Meanwhile the Lions were brilliant. They'd have beaten pretty much anyone with that performance, never mind a team that basically had a collective shocker.

It's not often a game is lost at the kickoff but I'd argue we were gone that early. All the work to rebuild our scrum's reputation is gone yet again, and even though I don't rate O'Connor as a 10 no one on earth could have conjured anything with the pack going backwards all night.

Every bit of due credit to the Lions. They clearly were up for the occasion and while I highly doubt they wanted the win more than our blokes did, they certainly gave that impression.

I suppose Deans is gone, which will be a victory (of sorts) for the bigoted jingoists out there (like that maroon-eyed dickhead who writes for the Murdoch broadsheet). The mind boggles at what sort of puerile reactions we'd see if White was appointed. I genuinely despair and fear for this country and where it's heading these days, a far wider and more important issue than who coaches our rugby team but not entirely irrelevant either.

That O'Connor is being punted by the Rebels is...well, I'm not quite sure what to make of it. It would be weird to see him slink back to the Force but I doubt any of the other sides would want anything to do with him.

All's not lost. IMO Deans has made some weird decisions but he's brought through a lot of blokes who might not otherwise have had a go. I certainly don't subscribe to the mindless, jingoistic conspiracy theory bullshit that he's destroyed Australian rugby. He's done more good than harm, but the moronic element that seems to be on the rise in this country will never see that. I dread McKenzie being appointed but I suppose I'd better try to start getting used to the idea.

That said, it could be a long RC for Wallaby fans.
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