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Re: Why are Creationists so afraid of Evolution?

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
I'm just gonna feel really bad for them in the event that there is a real afterlife that doesn't fit in with their expectations.
You've heard the old joke, I'm sure (I spruced it up a bit though):

One day, a group of people arrived at the Gates of Heaven, where Saint Peter was standing, waiting to greet them.

"Hello!" he said, "and welcome to Heaven."

Many of them were looking around in shock and surprise, and so Saint Peter asked the one nearest him.

"Is there something wrong?"

The woman looked around and back at him and said, "I don't know why I'm here, Saint Peter. I was an atheist back on earth."

Another person, a man, called out "I was a Buddhist!" and another one, "I was gay!"

Saint Peter looked at all of them and smiled, saying, "Don't you know how much God loves you? What you did wasn't wrong in his eyes, because you loved your neighbor, and you were kind to your fellow man. You're here because you let love guide your heart, and not layer upon layer of legalism and finger pointing. Now, follow me, and I'll give you the tour."

So they entered the pearly gates as Saint Peter showed them around. There were many wonders in heaven; beautiful skies, lush grass, ancient trees, crystal clear lakes and streams, and palatial homes everywhere! Near the end of the tour, however, they passed a large tent, and inside they could hear angry shouting, and preaching the likes of which they'd never heard.

One of the people near the tent asked Saint Peter, "Who is inside this tent, Saint Peter?"

Saint Peter, a half grin on his face said, "Those are the Biblical literalists. They think they're the only ones here."

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