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Re: Size of starfleet?

As far as I know, these concepts never went any further than Andy's sketches. I assume he showed them to others working on TMP, and they may have discussed them informally to some extent, but nothing I saw while working on MSG indicated that the concept(s) had gone any further.

The Surak-type warpshuttle looks cool and I've always been fond of it, but I never was very happy with its design being used for a smaller, planetfall shuttle. For one thing, the docking ring hatch in back depends upon a docking port in order to open -- the doors are pulled out of the travel pod/shuttle and into the wall of the vessel with which it has docked. Andy said he thought the crew, after landing on a planet, might be able to open the hatch 'partway,' enough to get in or out, but I really don't like that concept. Having the hatch elements hanging out in midair makes little sense, and it is clear from their design that any such attempt to open them would have to be a manual one. Awkward, to say the least..

The planetfall variant of the shuttle never appeared in TMP, despite the fact that in one unused version of the cargo/hangar matte painting it had been included (this painting can be seen on page 93 of MSG). I suspect it intentionally was not used, perhaps because of the hatch problem -- beats me.

The side hatch seen in the drawing done for MSG was added by myself, as both a compromise and a tip of the hat to the Galileo design of TOS.

The above quote is by Shane Johnson the writer of MSG, it's from the Flare Sci-fi discussion site on May 03, 2003, Mr. Johnson is using the name " thelastguardian," presumably from the title of his 1975 novel.;f=6;t=002166

He refers to the design of the Vulcan shuttle being used for a smaller verison, and the smaller verison being the one included in MSG. He confirms that the smaller shuttle is never used in the 1979 movie. Originally the smaller shuttle had no side doors, he added them for the image in MSG making them the same shape as those on the TOS shuttle.

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The image you posted (from page 95) is of a shuttle that is significately smaller that the shuttle from the movie.
The blueprints show the same as Mr. Scott's Guide, for the docking ring.
The image you just posted from the Official Blueprints are noticibly different than the earlier image you posted from MSG (Mister Scott's Guide to the Enterprise).

Which looks different than the production image (naturally).
Why naturally?

The doors seem to be the only other thing different.
Not quite. The VS (Vulcan shuttle) has two upright window (which I now think aren't door), small shuttle has a TOS shuttle style door. Moving aft, the VS then has a rectangular protrusion, missing from the small shuttle. Above the rectangle there is a top hatch, the small shuttle positions this above the TOS door. The VS then has a oval viewport, missing entirely from the small shuttle.

The two images below come from your own post number 58, and your post number 63. They have been scaled to have the same diameter docking tubes. The Vulcan shuttle is (again) significantly larger. they certainly are not the same.

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