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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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They could have done a lot with a "Landing to take repairs" story.

Hey we've landed on this deserted planet and deconstructed the engines. WHOOPS not so deserted after all. There are raiders who try to loot the ship and end up in a hostage situation, or swamp monsters, or energy creatures who don't like trespassers, or a whole cloaked settlement or primitives, or whatever.
They did that with "Basics".

They could have done an episode where it was literally, either share your stuff or you're dead in the water, and they had to make actual hard choices about Starfleet ethics. They never did because they wanted the crew to stay pure and lovable.
And what's wrong with that? It worked with all the other series, even DS9 presented Sisko's morally gray decisions as ultimately being good ones.
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