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Re: Do brands like Dora, Dragonball and DoctorWho mark Hollywoods end?

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I see that TheMasterOfOrion and I stand alone on this.
This is the best post in the thread.

I am trying to understand what the OP is even talking about, but I am having a hard time following his posts. He keeps accusing people of being morons, but what he's writing is barely coherent.

Is the problem that American studios are outsourcing work to other countries in order to save money? Is the problem that foreign TV shows like Doctor Who are becoming more popular and therefore threatening the existence of domestic TV shows? Or is it simply that we live in a more global community and have easier access to foreign media?

Why is Doctor Who suddenly popular in the US? Well, because we have things like BBC America and Netflix and iTunes and Amazon, so it's easier for Americans to watch it.
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