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Re: TOS Caption Contest #275: I, Caption

Kirk: Uhura make a note to Starfleet. Although sparing the crew the discomfort of PDSA, pornoscopes are still a constant distraction for navigation and science stations. Not recommended for next class of starship. Perhaps a self-cleaning room of some kind.

Uhura: PDSA sir?

Kirk: Public Display of Self Affection. Right Sulu?

Sulu: Course...laid in, sir....

Kirk: Ok the I Hate Sulu meeting can get started. Who goes first?

Scotty: I take it back, lad. Vodka farts are more powerful than whisky farts. But give me a sheep's bladder and I'll squeeze ye out a bonnie tune.

Babe #210: Please swipe credit card...Thank you.

Kirk: Everything an intern tells you is a lie. Remember that! Everything an intern tells you is a lie!

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