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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

I just speed-rewatched Superman: The Movie and Superman II. I don't want to argue that one is better than the other, just mention some scenes that really stood out in comparison with Man of Steel:

- As good as it was/still is, the Smallville section of S:TM was not nearly as long as I remembered; if anything, MoS has far more screentime devoted to Smallville (albeit in flashback). In particular, there is only one discussion between Clark and Jonathan Kent, and his words of advice to Clark are not inconsistent with MoS's Pa Kent. Where MoS may have taken shortcuts is that we don't see the Kents realize Kal-El is a superpowerful alien, and we don't see Clark leave home for good. But in S:TM Clark doesn't help anyone in Smallville with his powers.

- A large part of S:TM is devoted to Daily Planet Lois & Clark, along with Lex Luthor and the development of his schemes. Similarly in SII, Zod's introduction and the buildup to the first confrontation is quite lengthy. By contrast, it's pretty striking how quickly things unfold in MoS, and how prolonged and extensive the conflict between Superman and the Kryptonians is.

- The first battle in SII between Superman and Zod/Ursa/Non, which prior to MoS I had always considered one of the best superhero battles ever on film, is also surprisingly brief. Unlike MoS, Superman clearly rescues civilians who are caught in the crossfire, but only once - Superman throws Non into a radio tower, which comes crashing down and is about to crush a woman and her baby, but Superman saves her, leading to Zod & Ursa's classic conversation: 'This 'Super-man' is nothing of the kind.'

- With the exception of the water from the cracked dam about to flood the valley, the special effects in S:TM of the devastation in CA and Superman's efforts to save people is still impressive to this day. I got goosebumps watching him fill in the railroad tracks; a terrific scene! In general the flying scenes still hold up as well.

- The scene where Clark journeys through space with Jor-El in S:TM is all about John Williams' music; the words really don't matter! In MoS, the visual telling of the history is most memorable.

- The Superman DVD I have has two deleted scenes added into the body of the film which should never again be viewed in the film itself: 1) the Council saying Jor-El is using a lot of power in his quarters - DELETE! 2) Superman talking with Jor-El after he makes his grand appearance - interesting from a character perspective, but totally vitiates the impression we get of Superman in action. No thanks!

Would love to hear other's opinions!
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