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Movie Caption Contest #236: Go, go, go!

Hello everyone! Time for a new contest!

First up to the plate, we have the "Scary!" Award, going to:

Bry_Sinclair wrote: View Post

Lily: It's horrible! What in God's name is it?
Picard: That's just Wesley.
Next, we have the "Obscure Simpsons Reference" Award, going to:

Candlelight wrote: View Post

"The teachers will crack any minute. Purple monkey dishwasher."
Next, we have the "Maybe under water..." Award, going to:

Finn wrote: View Post

Spock: No, Jim. I do not believe we can hide the Enterprise under the sand dunes.

Kirk: Dammit
Our Photoshop Award, goes to:

Argus Skyhawk wrote: View Post

Oh, my... Is that a pimple?

BriGuy wrote: View Post

Kirk: No, you wouldn't.

Spock: Captain, I believe I would indeed tap that.

Kirk: Not in this reality.
Congrats to our winners and many thanks to everyone who participated!

Thanks to Nerys Myk for my amazing avatar!

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