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Re: Do brands like Dora, Dragonball and DoctorWho mark Hollywoods end?

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I believe what Spielberg says, a crisis is looming and major studios like Warner Bros or Paramount or Fox are going to see some really big box office flops.
Those other cities will still get payed by businesses that are based in "Hollywood". Going outside of Southern California isn't new. Hollywood importing shows from other countries isn't new either. Star Wars wasn't filmed in Southern California. (Why does Lucas hate America!!!!!???)
I think the film industry should diversify its locations more, down South, up near the Great Lakes, so many great locations for movies and tv. There have been so many tv show cancellations the past four years and I think its very sad you can't make a good scifi spaced based show in the US and yes if he industry keeps going the way it is the day will come when the US depends on Britain or Japan or someplace else to deliver scifi space based soap opera because Calfornia and its tv makers can't get their shit together.
The State has been cutting and cutting, gallery's are no longer getting support, theater show music production is down, the California arts council was gutted and that was a bipartisan affair. And for the little free money that does go around in California, the people who get free tax breaks or whatever aren't getting breaks because they are super artists or super talented or super film makers. They get money because they know how to suck blood from the system like a old vampire, they are old dinosaurs who rub elbows with the right people and get their free money that way. I don't believe for a second any of the stuff openminded politicians say, so many of these multi cultural openminded politicans have been caught with undocumented workers in their backyards working for peanuts, yay 100 points to Meg Whitman for embracing multi culturalism.

Every one of these brainwashed pc morons want to troll and bait make this an old racist argument about RACE about ARYAN GENETICS or LATIN GENETICS or AFRICAN AMERICAN GENETICS or some bullshit
I don't give a damn about genes or race.
I have not mentioned race in the posts, I'm talking about doing work with English speakers and non English speakers, In France for example they have an expectation for everyone to fit into a single, national cultural ethos, if you are in France working you are expected to speak French. I wasn't a big fan of Sarkozy but I agree with what he said on multi culturalism, saying Western democracies have become too concerned new arriving cultures and not enough about the identity of the state receiving them.
A State having so many undocumented workers is a very bad thing, if they are living illegally almost a decade, working for years and years, some even having babies, I don't see why they can't be given help and become part of the US and California community. The fact is California is bankrupt, and it needs illegals working for peanuts to keep the economy moving.

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When did California go bankrupt? Apparently with the current budget, California has a surplus.

It has been bankrupt the past 4 years, only in 2013 did the State have a surplus. California had to cut people's holidays, California printed hundreds and thousands of IOUs, California California implemented massive lay offs, California closed schools, California shut down independent energy and scientific free energy research, California cut successful hardworking people's pay by 4% and even 10%....these were not crooks or corrupt bankers, they were hard working people contributing to the economy and California decided to cut their pay anyways

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despite Californian real estate being some of the world's most desirable.
I think L.A is a horrible place to live

but hey work is work
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