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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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If only that star map was like any of the system maps that showed the orbital paths. Where do you know that Romii is Romulus' moon?
We never ever hear of Romii again, so who the hell knows?

Tomalak wrote: View Post
Romulus being close to the border doesn't preclude there being an enormous Empire behind them. It seems perverse to suggest the Romulus were one planet, surrounded by Federation bases, given the way they've always been depicted as serious threats to the Federation and the Klingons. The intention always seems to have been to have them as equals.
For one thing, they were never equals for the entire run of TOS. The first time they encounter them it's a battle of wills with Enterprise being both much faster and better armed than its opponent (unsurprisingly, since Balance of Terror is pretty much an adaptation of "The Enemy Below"). We only encounter the Romulans two other times, and in both cases ONLY because the Enterprise blunders into the neutral zone for no good reason and, furthermore, only pose a threat by virtue of their superior numbers.

The Romulans aren't a threat to the Federation so much as they are an incredibly xenophobic and militaristic species that jealously guards their border against intruders. The new cloaking device represents a POTENTIAL threat due to Romulus' proximity to Earth, but then -- and here's the kicker -- we never actually see the Klingons using this technology on their battle cruisers until years later, in the 24th century. It's very possible the cloaking device itself remained a purely Romulan technology during the 23rd century and that, furthermore, the Klingons were never able to figure out how to retrofit it to their own ships and were forced to use Romulan designs for their stealth missions. Put it simply: in TOS and the TOS movies, Romulus is not ITSELF a threat to the Federation except as a base for the Klingons to launch stealth attacks.

Far from Cuba in your analogy, they are China.
Except that unlike Cuba, China never actually posed a threat to the United States.

Also, there is not and has never been an embargo against China; Romulan Ale, in particular, is illegal in the Federation, but like its cousin the Cuban Cigar is popular enough that people still enjoy it in the privacy of their own homes or when trying to impress visiting diplomats at state dinners.
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