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Re: Star Trek morality test - best and worst episodes

In First Contact, an alien culture is about to discover and implement warp drive.

Picard and Troi simply materialize into a scientist 's office, introduce themselves and tell them all about space and life on other planets.

The logic being that when a culture discovers warp drive, they're more ready for contact, and it's better than having a random confrontation in space.

The problem is, this culture still has a problem with things like riots, social reforms and demonstrations and believed they were the 'highest form of life' in the universe .

By some of TNG's PD standards, they shouldn't have been contacted at all.

Their attitude seems odd, because while a reasonable culture would welcome advanced technology to solve their problems (and the knowledge they are not alone), it appears many don't want it no matter how many problems it would solve.

As long as they thought they were still the center of the universe what did it matter if they have to keep dealing with droughts, hunger and social unrest?

Why would Starfleet consider this culture OK to contact and share technology with, but not others?

On the other hand, the Mintokans got the wrong idea at first about Picard, but after a simple speech by Picard they understood quickly enough and didn't seem "contaminated" by Starfleet.
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