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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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I agree that there are other organisations that conduct themselves in a military type fashion like the coastguard and probably the 23rd Chapter of the StarTrek fanclub, Las Vegas division, the police, even the TrekBBS gives its members honorary ranks.

However the difference between 'pretend' military organisations and real ones is that real ones have great big guns to back them up.
And if that was the ONLY difference we wouldn't be having this discussion. But once again, in the example of the JMSDF we are reminded that having weapons does not make one a military anymore than not having weapons makes one a civilian.
Of course from what I understand having courtmartials tends to imply one is a military organization, and I don't think the JSDF has those.

Starfleet on the other hand does.

Besides I've been replaying the Mass Effect trilogy and the main character tends to do stuff that Starfleet mostly spends their time doing in Star Trek and its repeated several times that he is a member of the military. So it's not like running around exploring the universe means you can't be a military.

Especially since militaries kind of already did that stuff as well.
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