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As for Spock... If he is that uptight about the rules and so stringent about not violating them, then it is incredible why he didn't really question Admiral Marcus' mission that much. He didn't see the big picture and I don't recall him objecting to this mission, so Spock went along with something of questionable legality and morality.
Spock did question Marcus' mission - immediately after thanking Kirk for reinstating him as first officer Spock said [paraphrase]"I must object in the strongest terms to our mission"[/paraphrase], his grounds for doing so being that it was both illegal and immoral. This initially pissed Kirk off but to me it seemed to be the reason Kirk changed his mind and decided to capture Harrison instead. Which was also problematic but not as bad as sitting in the neutral zone firing missiles...

I agree with you about Scotty being a hero.

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And the Klingons have absolutely no proof that Starfleet violated their territory. The Enterprise is still in Federation space and the ship nor personnel used in the Kronos mission can be tied back to them.
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