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Re: Terra Nova morality question

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Not to mention the premise of the episode makes no sense. No one bothered to check in on this colony... ever?
Star travel wasn't easy before the Warp 5 engine. It would've taken months to get there, and with no certainty of what they'd find, maybe it wasn't deemed worth the risk. Although I suppose they could've asked the Vulcans to find out.

It's easier to go under ground and live there than to just... walk away?
Spending too much time above ground would kill them. A large portion of the planet was irradiated. They couldn't have walked far enough before they succumbed to the radiation. Remember, they had to be transplanted to a whole other continent on the other side of the planet. Not exactly within walking distance.
A probe would seem a reasonable alternative to at least find out what happened. Even if for some reason it wasn't, you'd think a responsible government would still send a ship to find out what happened to their own people even if it wasn't easy. Especially after the quasi declarations of independence and a time period of over 50 years. Seems to me the more likely explanation was wanted a mystery even if it didn't really make sense.

As for the radiation of the colony I was under the impression the meteor just irradiated the general area. Granted it's been awhile since I watched the episode, but I don't recall them saying the whole continent had been poisoned. I'm not a science expert, but I don't see how a meteor strike could do that to a whole half of a planet short of being big enough to virtually destroy all life on the planet. But Trek often is guilty of interchanging science for magic to suit plot needs.

If other people like it, more power to you. It just always seemed force drama to no end for me.
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