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Re: The Prime Alternative ~ shuttle approach scene from ST09 ju

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On the really close up picture there, with those windows fogged up, the crew can't see out it seems. It's be kind of cool to see in and see a crew lounge or crew quarters along the saucer's edge. (Though that might take a while to render and get the same level of detail elsewhere on the image). It's a great image of the ship, I must say. I'm halfway to the point of wanting to see this rendered as if it were in the shuttle approach scene from ST09 just for kicks.
Thanks for all your kind words pal ... And Ricky would be the one to address your ideas on how best to render the crew seen through one or more of the saucer edge windows!
But as to your other wish request, "to see a shuttle approach scene from ST09"... Ricky has done that image a long time ago < see page 7 for full size render of the below >


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