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It's funny that you said that because the thought did occur to me that there wasn't a movie adaptation. I can't recall if they did a comic adaptation of Trek 2009 (I think they did).
They did, and spun it out to six issues!

According to my friend who manages a comic shop, movie adaptation comics are no longer the guaranteed huge sellers that they once were.
I had no idea why they were sellers in the first place. Unless there is aditional background info in them why should i buy it?
Way back once upon a time when home video didn't exist, comic book adaptations and novelizations were really the only way you could enjoy the movie at home. But since home video now allows you to actually watch the movie itself at home, and DVDs even include bonus scenes, you can see why they wouldn't be huge sellers. Really surprised me when IDW did adaptations of TWOK and XI and it will surprise me if they do STID.
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