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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

Just a little news to bring you guys.

I'm currently at a weird spot with the project. I hate leaving rooms unfinished before I move onto the next one, even if it only requires a few more props to call it complete. McCoy's office is mostly complete, but we all know that the shelves are missing several props, mostly very organically shaped alien skulls.

As I've discussed before, most of my 3D experience is with very linear objects, mainly Trek related. Therefore, I will need to learn new skills to construct things like the alien skulls, and, more importantly, character models. Character models will definitely add life to these otherwise empty rooms.

Also, on a more personal note, I am trying to expand my skill set as a 3D modeler, with the hopes of one day working as a paid game artist.

So I will be taking a short break from the interiors of this project to begin learning how to use a powerful digital sculpting program called ZBrush. I've already invested money into the program and some online courses. I'll start off by learning the basics, and then doing simple things like modeling the alien skulls, then move on to working on building the base models for some classic Trek characters to live within the interiors. At some point, after I've gotten the hang of ZBrush, I'll simply bring the program into my daily workflow and continue on as normal, working on interior sets, props, and character models simultaneously.
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