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Re: The Tholian Web - more questions from the kids

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This afternoon Mom was running errands, so the kids and I watched the Tholian Web. The kids were very upset by "how mean" McCoy was being the Spock. I was trying to come up with a logical explanation for McCoy's behavior, but I couldn't. Was this simply bad script writing?
It was very honest scriptwriting, just like the McCoy/Spock contretemps in the prison cell during BREAD & CIRCUSES, which is even rougher and better. Why would McCoy NOT be angry, given the apparent loss of best friend Kirk and the deteriorating situation?

About the only time I think they pushed it a little too far was in TRIBBLES when McCoy says he likes the tribbles better than he likes Spock, and that is more a matter of the way Kelley is directed to play the line than the line itself. That exchange, like the one in B&C, was a scene written by Gene Coon, who for me is the REAL genius who made Trek work, who pretty much developed the Spock/McCoy relationship with his many rewrites once he came on early to mid 1st season.
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