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Re: LOTR's decade attempt. lets do this!

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I went out and bought the series in the six Ace paperbacks, the ones that looked like this.
Mine were just like that, except with a gray background color. After finishing those six I went right on to the later Hawkmoon books and The Silver Warriors ( which I now know should have been called Phoenix in Obsidian ). I didn't track down the original Hawkmoon books until the 90s because they weren't reprinted with those others.

If you look at Moorcock's web site it seems that a few years ago everyone thought an Elric movie would be coming out at some point. I wonder what happened there.

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
Maybe it was because I had read some of Moorcock's non-fantasy work, such as Behold the Man
I only learned of the existence of that book a few years ago. Given that Gene Wolfe was apparently influenced by Moorcock, I'm pretty sure now that part of his The Urth of the New Sun was inspired by Behold the Man.
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