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Actually, some of that is rather artistic and cheerful. The only equivalent I can think of locally is in winter, when somebody feels sorry for the statue of my city's founder. The statue is sitting on a park bench on the corner of Gaetz Avenue and Ross Street, the middle of downtown. They put a toque and scarf on him so he doesn't get cold.
Yes "artistic and cheerful" is the very thing it is

I get excited every time I see yarn bombing and there's rather a lot of it in Melbourne at times.

And good point about the replicator and the stuff. Being able to just order up something cool and then toss it back in knowing you can get it again.. OMG! I COULD SHOVEL MY WHOLE HOUSE INTO IT! and then anything I actually missed I could reclaim!

I can see that though plenty planet side would still want actual objects with histories it would not be uncommon to live a very minimalist life, just making what you want at the time and not holding onto it because it's always available. Perhaps this is why Janeway's quarters are full of historical pieces that look like she raided a museum's gift shop, the only items the minimalists cherish are things with actual history attached to them. And personal sentiment, such as her photo of the dog and that man who gave up on her.

You and Hitler oughta get together
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