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Re: Why didn't they just keep their characters?

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While catching up on TOS I spotted Majel Barrett-Roddenberry as Christine Chapel who's another character they could have kept instead of making her Lwaxana Troi, though she'd be Diana's Human mother instead of the Betazoid side and we would lose her psychic 'screwing with Picard' moments, and I so enjoy seeing Picard out of his element.

Chapel was a nurse in TOS and TAS and a doctor in TMP and ST IV. So her character was "kept". She's in the movies!

We saw how old McCoy was in "Encounter at Farpoint". Now you want Majel in old-age makeup, as Chapel, to be Troi's mother? Recycling old TOS characters for absolutely no purpose.

Majel was once cajoled by Roddenberry to consider doing a bonus cameo in TMP as M'Ress (the felinoid from TAS, whom she voiced) and she said she'd never be comfortable trying to act under latex appliances.
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